Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dance on Video Show

"No One Is Leaving" and "You Obviously Know What I’m Talking About", two new dance on video shorts I have been working on are going to be shown at the Filmtech School at 8 pm on Sunday July 12th : 2019 S. Juniper St. 2nd Floor : Philadelphia, PA 19148 : FREE!!!!!

"After an unexpected blackout and a cancellation of the last event, we are back. This time we have an exciting new partner, The Filmtech School in South Philly. They’ve been extremely generous and have offered their amazing building for our screening. On Sunday July 12th at 8pm, you can escape from the humidity and heat and come hang out at the Filmtech School in South Philly. There you will find the cool breeze of the air conditioner, lots of space to stretch, and free popcorn! To make your evening even more enjoyable we’ve selected 8 short dance films that will take your breath away. You will see documentaries, mockumentaries, performances, and even a YouTube special. Four of the shorts are from internationally acclaimed choreographers showing fully produced, breathtaking images, from films that make fun of a sleep clinic to abstract choreographic treats, you’ll see incredible movement, and camera staging.

The four other movies are not to be missed either. Made by local Philadelphia artists, you’ll see a film made in the Swiss Alps that plays with rhythm, song and images, an excerpt of an experimental improvisational live performance, two student made films one a documentary on dance and technology in Drexel University, and a beautifully shot piece from Swarthmore College."

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