Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Club Lyfestile will be traveling south to Baltimore, July 23rd, to perform at the infamous Whartscape. I can't wait!

Club Lyfestile

(photos of CL from Whartscape 2008)

Friday, July 2, 2010


So I've taken the liberty to plan out your entire week. Here's what you're doing!

Sunday July 4th - DUH GOO GOO DOLLS CONCERT! or going to a bbq

Monday July 5th -

BAAD KINETICS @ The Rotunda (4014 Walnut St.) - 8pm - 5$ Donation
This is a dance co-op traveling by BICYCLE!
Read more HERE

Tuesday July 6th and Wednesday July 7th - Relax, because Thursday and Friday are BUSY

Thursday July 8th -

Elizabeth Thamm's opening @ The Bean Cafe (615 South Street) 7-10 pm
I'm really excited to see this show, and luckily it is up for a month!

THEN After you see Liz's show, walk about 2-3 blocks to L'etage (624 S. 6th St.) for the Martha Graham Cracker Cabaret! Doors @ 8pm, Show at 9:30, $10, SO WORTH IT.

Friday July 9th -

Mine and Shelby's show opening! Seep Quick @ Benna's Cafe (1236 S. 8th St.) 7-9 pm
This show will also be up for a month, so I hope you can stop by and check out art at a great cafe.

Have a great week! And I'll see you at the shows...