Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 Improv Movement class schedule

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Same time, same place, different year!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Paintings and Movement

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At 40th St. AIRSpace we had a small group show for the UPenn Arts Crawl.
Above shown (clockwise from top left) is Beth Uzwiak's paper mache heart. Everyone got to take a wack at it (blindfolded of course) and when her heart was finally broken it was full of candy and break up notes. Some funny, some too sad and real. Vinson Houston's installation was part performance. Ricardo Zapata (part of the ArtsEdge residency) "Soul Dire Up". Glen Sacks did an installation that looked like a real boy was sitting there when you first walked in. About homeless teens in the city. I showed three new paintings that have counterparts that are works in progress. "8 Months", "We're All Connected" and "I am Willing to Let Go".

(Improv) Movement Class is still every monday from 7-9 at the Rotunda.
New dates for 2010 will be posted at the end of this month.
Live Music (as seen below) has been provided by Jon Duelks, David Lackner and Jamie.